The Lincoln Baptist Church was founded October 31, 1833 as a Freewill Baptist church and functioned as a part of a multi-point charge. Other points on that charge were New Maryland, Rusagonis, and Waasis (being amalgamated with Lincoln in the mid 1970’s. In the mid 1960’s, the church built its first parsonage as part of its conversion to a single-point charge under Pastor Harry Branscombe. In 1972, the church moved from its original building which is 1km from its present location. The old building was sold to what is now the local Lion’s Club. In 1973, one year later, the current parsonage was constructed adjacent to the church propterty. The church building was given a face-lift in 1993, and separate office facilities were added in 1994.

The Lincoln Baptist Church is the only full-fledged evangelical church in the community of Lincoln. The church today is a mix of people with widely varying denominational backgrounds. Traditionally we have a military component to our attendees and due to the transient nature of a military community our population has a tendency to turn over. The Lincoln Baptist church is conservative in theology, and enjoys freedom of worship and informality in our relationships with each other.